Administrative Law

Administrative Law implies a dispute with the pubic service, i.e. the government or its corporations.

  • In general, the clients who more often than not have disputes of this nature are those who deal with the SAAQ or the CSST.
  • These entities have conflict-resolution procedures of their own, which are important to learn about. Moreover, for someone who is self-represented, delays for these procedures could be very long.
  • Since these entities have their own lawyers and doctors, there could be a major imbalance between the parties during the trial.
  • It is important to contact your lawyer as soon as there is a conflict between you and one of those corporations.
  • Any problems with the CSST or the SAAQ?


Concrete example


  • A nurse who looks after home-based patients and who injured her back while walking on a patch of ice in the staircase.
  • In this case, the CSST recognizes that there is a physical injury, but refuses to recognize the genuine psychological injuries incurred and considers that the person is fit for work as a home-based telemarketing agent.
  • This woman has contacted her lawyer, who was able to obtain a psychological expertise proving that the woman’s depression was a direct result of the accident. She has received an additional amount of $46,000. Moreover, the court found her unfit to resume work due to her chronic pain and granted her an income replacement benefit for two additional years.