Alimony for a child

Getting alimony for a child has become much easier than you think.

  • Since 1997, in order to standardize judgments affecting this type of pension in Quebec, the government has created a standard cost estimate, a calculation algorithm, that applies to most situations.

This cost estimate takes into account the respective revenues of each parent, the number of dependent children, the type of childcare, as well as the special costs for each child.

Therefore, by using this standard cost estimate, there are very few litigated matters to bring to court.

  • On this particular feature, the lawyer’s role will be more elaborate if one of the two parents has a standard of living that does not correspond to the stated revenues.

This is generally seen when one of the two parents is a self-employed person.

I therefore help these people demonstrate that the standard of living of the other parent corresponds to a higher gross income than what appears on his income tax report.

  • Is an 18 year old child considered to be dependent of his parents?
    • To be considered dependent and receive alimony, the adult child must attend a schooling institution on a full-time basis and be a serious student.
    • Another element to be determined is the amount of alimony. The adult child must pay a portion of his living expenses from loans, grants, summer or part-time work.