Neighbourhood problems

Neighbourhood problems are more frequent than we think and they can occur in different forms.

  • For example, it can be an annoyance case:
    • Someone who collects scrap on his property all the time.
    • Someone who systematically refuses to cut the grass.
    • Noisy neighbours late at night.
  • With regards to nuisance problems, the case does not generally go to trial. Usually, a formal notice signed by a lawyer and delivered by a bailiff is sufficient for the neighbour to fix what needs to be fixed.
  • This type of problem is easily resolved out of court. A lawyer’s formal notice, delivered by a bailiff, only costs a few hundred dollars; it a small price for your peace of mind and to feel good at home.
  • There is a bigger problem in connection with neighbourhood problems. It relates to the acquisitive prescription.

    • Let me explain what this prescription is all about. Just imagine that your neighbour uses part of your property on a continuous basis, to your knowledge and without opposition. He could, after a period of 10 years, become the new owner of that part of your land.
    • It is very important to safeguard your interests, to make sure than nothing or no one infringes on your property.
    • And, if there is infringement, you should contact your lawyer immediately, in order to safeguard that part of your property.